Make AMR History

Make AMR History, launched at Burswood, 4th November, 2015

We’re now faced with the looming threat of antibiotic resistant infections on a scale that will soon outnumber other major killers like cancer.

Antibiotic resistance, often known by its more technical name of antimicrobial resistance or AMR, has become one of the greatest threats to human health. Serious infections are in danger of becoming completely untreatable. Australia has launched a national strategy to combat AMR, centred on making better use of what we already have.

Locally, we’re determined to go further than recording how bad things have got. We’re working on long term solutions, and are preparing to apply that long-range vision to AMR. Already we’ve been able to find start-up funds for the initial technical developments. We calculated it would take us 18 months of full time in the lab to get our first set of fast, early warning methods into action. We need to bring that date forward, convert our ultra-fast method to work on a small device in your GP’s surgery, and use the method to test potential new antibiotics for effectiveness.  The cost of this work is about one dollar per minute or around seventy dollars per hour.

We also need a small army of AMR advocates to campaign for AMR early warning systems, point of care support for GPs and other antibiotic prescribers, and fast-track evaluation of new antibiotics. It doesn’t have to take another 30 years. With your support we can start the journey to make AMR history.

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